Peel Doctor Explains Slowing Vaccination Rates

Approximately 82% of adults in Ontario have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. However, experts anticipate that the remaining 18% will be more difficult to convince. 

Dr. Sohal Goyal is a Mississauga-based physician and Chair of District 5 of the Ontario Medical Association. He administers COVID-19 vaccines to his patients in Mississauga, but also volunteers at Embassy Grand’s mass vaccination centre in Brampton.

When asked about vaccine hesitancy, Dr. Goyal emphasized the importance of listening to his patients’ concerns. From his experiences, he found that patients were more likely to get vaccinated if a healthcare provider was able to answer their questions. Dr. Goyal received his COVID-19 vaccines earlier this year, and was able to share his experiences with his friends, family and patients to encourage them to get vaccinated. 

Dr. Goyal also highlighted the importance of making vaccines accessible. Small business owners have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, and as the province begins to reopen, they are busier than ever. While working at Embassy Grand, Dr. Goyal had the opportunity to visit local businesses and administer vaccines to employees who were unable to take a day off of work to get vaccinated. 

As Ontario continues to reopen, it is critical for residents to get vaccinated and help others do the same. Join the #WeGotTheShot campaign and help us return to a better Brampton.

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